Talent + Leadership = Victory

Who We Are & What We Believe

Talent War Group is an executive search and talent advisory comprised of highly experienced and proven business executives, special operations leaders, combat aviators, who recognize and understand the strategic value of TALENT and LEADERSHIP.

We believe the topic of TALENT has been and will continue to be so relevant to every highly successful organization. It is the foundation of every success story from Silicon Valley to Wall Street to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

We believe any business that leads or dominates its competition in attracting, hiring, developing, and retaining the best TALENT is and will likely continue to be highly successful. It’s the hidden asset that never shows up on the balance sheet, despite being the driver for a company’s true value.

Our Team

Mike Sarraille

Founder, Managing Partner & CEO

George Randle

Managing Partner & Co-Director of Talent Advisory

Karli Waldon

Managing Partner, President & COO

Tom Lokar

Partner & Co-Director of Talent Advisory

Chase Laxson

Director of Operations

Noah Nunez

Executive Search Consultant

Will Sharman

Content Specialist

Taryn Frazelle

Executive Search Consultant

Shea Balden

Business Development Manager

Michelle Ballesteros

Marketing Manager

Nayara Gonzalez

Marketing Coordinator

Strategic Advisors & Senior Consultants

Lisa Jaster

Karen Clark

Rich Diviney

Brian Decker

Fran Racioppi

Dan Luna

Dr. Chris Frueh

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