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We understand the challenges encountered transitioning from one job to another or transitioning from military leadership to corporate leadership. That is why Talent War Group develops career-long partnerships, providing access to executive career development training and best-in-class advice and coaching on career-level decisions, all while providing increasingly lucrative opportunities to our candidates. We take great pride in connecting exceptional leaders with amazing organizations. Organizations that put a premium on leadership above all else


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My recruitment process was extremely thorough with Talent War Group. They promoted critical thinking for myself, forcing me to assess and pursue goals that were necessary during my transition from military to civilian life. Noah from TWG, worked diligently to get the first Interview. He was incredibly instrumental in assisting me to get this position. I am truly grateful and thankful that his team took such excellent care of me during an uncertain time of change.

Jesse Chase

I came to Talent War Group because I knew that they could effectively communicate the value that I had to offer to employers whose priorities aligned with mine. Their team went out of their way to understand my strengths and weaknesses, and they truly understood what kinds of roles best suited not just my experience but my aspirations. Having them in my corner boosted my confidence and helped me land opportunities I would have never even known about without their guidance.

Dan Bradley

I was very fortunate to have connected with TWG. Prior to meeting the staff at TWG, I had worked with a couple of recruitment agencies. I feel that the “interview” with TWG was tougher than the actual hiring company. TWG wants to make sure that the members they represent, follow the leadership, principles, and drive as their founder. I did not feel like a number in a large pool of applicants because TWG guided me through negotiations and ensured that I received a generous offer.

Carlos Dubon

The process with Talent War Group helped me align my values on what it means to be a leader and employee, and how to find a culture that matched those beliefs. I wake up with a smile on my face every day and solve problems. The experience I had with TWG was very personal and intimate, and the communication and check-ins I had with Noah from TWG is what made this process so successful.

David Swarts

Talent War Group made my transition from military to the civilian workforce seamless on my end. This transition was the most daunting aspect of my adult life and without the support from TWG, I do not think I would be on the career path I am now. I am forever indebted to them!

Patrick “Gunny” Sauer




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