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Talent War Group’s keynote speakers are hand-selected for organizations and teams who want to build drive, and knowledge, and increase their performance.

With acclaimed business leaders from a range of industries such as special operations, finance and investment banking, software engineering, and human performance and behavioral psychology, our speakers can aid in the growth of any company and team.

Our Most Requested Keynotes:

Start Winning the Talent War

Learn how to develop a talent mindset. What does it take to stand out in today’s talent market and not only hire but retain top talent?

Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance

Discover the neuroscience-backed, and real-world tested performance indicators that will teach you how to build high-performing teams.

Building and Sustaining High-Performance Teams

Your employees will be what they can see. How can you set the expectation for performance and build your culture?

The Whole Person Concept

How does individual development lead to organizational development and growing teams?

The Everyday Warrior Philosophy

A practical, no-quit mentality that’ll help you overcome life’s challenges and come out healthier, more knowledgeable, and resilient, leading fulfilling lives.

How Special Operations Leads and Wins

The success of the Special Operations community comes down to the widely held foundational belief: Talent + Leadership = Victory

Who We’ve Worked With

Recent Engagements

Warrior’s Night – Mike Sarraille

2021 Ignite Leadership Summit

Mike Sarraille on Newsmax – Wake Up America

Leadership Review – Mike Sarraille & Pat “Gunny” Sauer

What Our Clients Are Saying

Rob DiTota, Divisional Vice President of Abbott

Talent War Group visited my team of medical device leaders for our first meeting since I took over the organization in early December. The team was struggling and the morale was down among the group as a result of past practices. I asked Talent War Group to supplement my efforts and to come in and speak about the importance of people, acquiring top talent, coaching and developing that talent, retaining talent, and creating a winning culture. The room was engaged for the 90 minutes Talent War Group was presenting as their real-life stories merged into business examples cultivating the theme around talent.

Ever since reading the “Talent War” I have been preaching to my team to hire for character and not skill.  We implemented the concepts Talent War Group created during the recruitment and interview process and the product we have been getting out of that has been fantastic.  As we continue to practice the principles of the “Talent War” that Mike and George preach, I am confident our attrition rate will drop and, more importantly, our culture will shift to the positive. We will continue to engage Talent War Group in our organization and will have them become consultants for our sales leaders and business HR professionals moving forward.

Haley Leesley, Stryker

Our engagement with Talent War Group went so seamlessly!

We had prep calls and follow-up calls to ensure we were aligned and to ensure the event went well. The message shared around a veteran experience as well as a woman empowerment space was so incredible to hear!

Justin Klaus, TEXO

Thank you so much for taking the time to spend your day with our TEXO Executive Development Group. It was an absolute honor to have you speak with us.

Having seen Talent War Group’s content on Linkedin, I had high expectations and you far exceeded that.

You have a unique ability to tie leadership principles and lessons together with real-life stories and examples. I learned so many things from your presentation and look forward to applying them in my daily life- both professionally and personally. I look forward to working with Talent War Group in the future.

Northwestern Mutual

What an amazing speaker and engagement event with Talent War Group!

We hosted Lisa Jaster who engaged us in a great discussion about how to advance our allyship, leveraging your shadow to influence the environment and bring your entire self to work to maximize the outcome. The obstacles that were shared were relevant in the military and private company workspace.

Great experience all around for our Northwestern Mutual Professionals.

Mike Harris, ACV

Talent War Group visited ACV’s Leadership Team at the end of 2021 and spoke about the importance of self-reflection.

One of THE most important takeaways for me and my team was/is After Action Reviews (sincere reflection on what went right, what went wrong, and what we can do better). It’s becoming a part of our culture and adding tremendous value to the organization. Thank you, TWG!

Caroline Tarpey, VP of Sales at Kazoo

We were so honored to have the TWG team speak at our Sales Kickoff.

Indeed, there was so much demand for the event that we made it available to the entire company and saw excellent attendance cross-functionally. They conveyed to our teams the importance of putting the success of the mission before the success of self. They taught us how important it is to hire for character and train for skill – a truism we would all do well to remember despite today’s competitive and fast-paced job market that can tempt us to act otherwise.

They also reminded us that we are not truly leaders until our people say we are – and that being a leader is all about enabling the success of our people. Ultimately, the concepts TWG knows deeply as military leaders who saw some of the toughest combat situations are so important, and yet underutilized in the civilian world.

Our entire company walked away inspired to strive for excellence.

Frank Antenucci, Geauga County Engineer’s Office

I’ve participated in countless seminars, workshops, and facilitations on hiring, engagement, and HR matters. But they all paled in comparison to what TWG gave us.

The Talent War Group team is genuine. You cut through it all to what is basic and essential. Simple. You are honest, genuine, and straight shooters.

Noah Rabinowitz, Intel

The discussion Talent War Group led was impactful and hit several relevant topics for a company like ours.

We need to compete to retain, develop, engage, and inspire our people and they provide accessible and practical tactics for us to do that. All attendees provided positive feedback and said they were the most valuable speakers we have hosted here at Intel.

Scott Byers, President & CEO at Majestic Kitchen and Bath

Majestic has had the Talent War Group team speak to our senior leadership (as well as our clients) on several occasions.

Most of our discussions focus on leadership and ownership, that is ownership of yourself and your responsibilities. Talent War Group brings a passion and knowledge to these subjects that radiate the room and translates to the team being engaged and inspired in the discussions and post-meeting.

Their ability to communicate their experiences and principles in leadership and ownership translates in a very real and actionable way. It provided our team with a very clear mirror by which to review our actions, so the sessions continue to give benefit well past any session. In my 25 years of leadership, I have not participated in more effective sessions that translate reflection and action than the sessions with TWG.

Keith Johnson, Founder of IEW

Talent War Group’s ability to distill complex military strategy and business concepts into one singular message that impacts everyone in an organization from the operational to the executive tiers of leadership is unparalleled.

They convey information passionately due to their unwavering commitment to the message along with the confidence gained only from the daily application of the principles and strategies he shares.

Attending a speaking engagement with Talent War Group was a discussion amongst a diverse group of leaders in business and transitioning SOF Leaders, not as a lecture, but as a collaborative panel discussion focused on solving problems and delivering results. Talent War Group’s proven leadership on the battlefield and in the business world is unique, but their ability to synthesize the two and communicate the lessons learned effectively while eliciting experiences from the group truly sets the Talent War Group team.

Wade Hoak, VP of Family PowerSports

We have worked with Talent War Group in both a classroom setting with many employees and a one-on-one setting with key managers and I can honestly say it was some of the best leadership and management training me or my employees have received.

I have never had so many employees come up and thank me for providing training as I did when Talent War Group came. They gave us all tools on how to properly deal with people and situations in the best way by taking the emotions out of it and making the best decision for all the stakeholders involved.

The training and motivation they provided were invaluable and we will continue to partner with them in the future!


Talent War Group provided our team with top-notch speakers who provided a proverbial peek behind the curtain of a female’s experience in a male-dominated world.

They were engaging, personable, and beyond impressive. Everyone in our organization walked away with a new perspective on DE&I.

We highly recommend them!

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