An Investment in the Legacy of Your Organization

During our initial assessment, we analyze the context of your organization and culture to identify strengths, current gaps and opportunities for growth.

We build a distinctive, sustainable leadership development system designed to establish a set of leadership competencies and train leaders to adopt behaviors required to drive results while simultaneously improving the organizational health of your company.

An organization’s ability to develop leaders

internally will be the #1 determinant between

failure and success.

Team Assesment

Working with your leadership team, we’ll define strengths and gaps in each regional/area team, high-potentials and single points of failure that will allow you to prioritize development plans, promotions and hiring to ensure that any unforeseen people or business changes don’t disrupt your client and customer service, revenue goals and leadership needs.

team assesment

high potentials

We will help you baseline, identify, define and assess critical success attributes among those performing best on your teams, matching them against leadership competencies and values, and succession planning identified needs and gaps. You will have a clearer view of the who, what, and the kind of investment needed to take high-potentials to their full potential.

executive & senior leader coaching

Continuous improvement is needed most where critical decisions are made – at the executive level. Through an in-depth assessment,360*-review, and an evaluation of a leader’s strengths and weaknesses, we can help an executive become more effective, recognize blind spots and ensure they become better leaders, coaches, and mentors with their teams and within the organization at-large.

What our clients say

“The Gettysburg Staff Ride with Mike and his team left an indelible impression. It highlighted the depth of leadership abs sacrifice at those hallowed grounds; showed what Union and freedom cost; and reminded us that internecine conflict can be as vicious and destructive as war between nations. But more to the point, the Walk served as a reminder of Faulkner’s adage, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” As we walked from station to station and made decisions — hypothetical ones — with the same information available to battlefield leaders, we realized that those leaders in the summer of 1863 were fallible, sometimes heroic, often wrong. In short, just like us. The immediacy of the place reached across the long chasm of history; and the presence of the leadership instructors — guiding, Illuminating, empathizing with a hard-earned authenticity — drove the lessons home in a way that a self-guided walk never could. A required experience for anyone who wants to better understand our history, and the connection of that history to contemporary leadership.”

HPC Specialty Pharmacy

“Mike came to our department and gave a training presentation on resiliency and leadership. Our department has tragically lost four officers in the past 18 months, and Mike’s message on resiliency hit home. It was the perfect message to a group still struggling with the loss of teammates. His presentation on leadership was the best I have ever seen. His ability to communicate to all levels of a team is simply outstanding. Everyone walked out of the training inspired and with new tools for resiliency and leadership at all levels. Awesome training. We have already had many requests to bring him back to our department.”

Lieutenant Michael O'Neil, Louisville Metro Police Department

into the wild

extreme (itw-x)

Our ultimate team-building experience, because true growth and learning only occur when pushed outside our comfort zones. Coming 2022.

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