Into the Wild Extreme

True Growth and Learning Only Occur When Pushed Outside Our Comfort Zone

The Ultimate Team Building Experience

Special Operations organizations are experts at adapting to complex, multi-dimensional situations that require creative solutions, similar to the business world. Into the Wild Extreme (ITW-X) is a peek behind the curtain on the assessment and selection process of Special Operations. Our fully customizable experience will take your team into remote, austere environments with unknown factors to ultimately strengthen your leaders and organization.

ITW-X is the ultimate team-building experience, as it pushes leaders outside of their comfort zones with a renewed sense of resiliency.

Ready to send your team into the Wild?

Our Process


This phase is the initial inquiry into your leadership team dynamics. It includes both individual and team Hogan assessments, an in-depth review of your organizational goals and leadership competencies, and an individual assessment of physical capabilities. Based on the discovery phase, TWG will design an event to meet your specific goals and desired outcomes.


Our instructors will introduce you to the Military Decision Making Process, a tried-and- true planning process used throughout the military to help formulate plans based on known facts, assumptions, resources, and environmental factors. Subject matter experts guide teams through all aspects of planning and execution of an ITW-X event.

After Action Review

ITW-X will culminate with a collective and individual After Actions Review (AAR) to solidify those lessons learned and discuss ways to implement them back into your organization.

ITW-X BRINGS Shared Adversity

The single biggest element missing in today’s business environment.

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