May 12, 2021

#034: Strategies for Working Post-Vaccination

Consultant and Advisor, Tom Hall will be leading the discussion with Director of Training and Development, Ron Culpepper, Public Official, Dalton Rice, and Director of Training and Leadership Development, Patrick Sauer, as they talk about the different strategies with returning to work, whether that be in-person, remote, or hybrid, and how taking the right leadership approach can reduce friction and increase moral.

About the author

Patrick "Gunny" Sauer
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Patrick "Gunny" Sauer is a dynamic leader focused on, developing, and administering programs, training, and coaching staff, and facilitating organization-wide change. Spending years in the Marine Corps and Special Operations, his primary focus was not that of a rifleman, Patrick has been trained in numerous aspects of human behavior and social interaction science. The outcome of countless hours of studying and implementation has resulted in Patrick knowing what truly develops a dynamic. His un-canning ability to identify problem areas before they affect team dynamics has built him a reputation as a highly respected and sought-after mentor providing consult and coaching for increased productivity, increased efficiencies, employee engagement, and team cohesiveness.

R. Dalton Rice
City Manager at Morgan's Point Resort | More From the Author

Dalton is the chief executive for the City of Morgan’s Point Resort in Central Texas leading a diverse team of 36 spanning 3 enterprises that serve over 5,000 residents.

After a notable 5-year career as a Paramedic, he led performance improvement initiatives for a $20 million primary care and specialty physician group with 40 physicians and 135 employees.

Dalton’s passion for serving is highlighted through his 13-years in the United States Army as a Green Beret having served throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. He has a BS in Business Administration and Law and a MS focusing on change management and organizational development. He is active in multiple International and Local City Manager organizations focusing on mentoring and coaching, professional and personal development, and ethics in the workplace.

Tom Hall
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Tom Hall is a former United States Army Ranger where he completed multiple combat deployments as a member of the 1st Ranger Battalion before being honorably discharged in order to become one of three veterans at the time playing division one college football.  He earned a BA in political science from Iowa State, MA in international relations from UNC-Wilmington, and is currently enrolled for his MBA with the Carlson School of Management.  He has spent the last six years working for startups across the country in a multitude of roles.  He currently works as a program management consultant while also advising multiple startups on business operations, leadership development, and strategy.

Ronald Culpepper
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Ronald Culpepper is the Director of Leadership and Development for a well-servicing company within the oil and gas industry. He is a retired Navy SEAL Master Chief with thirty years of experience in Special Operations. His leadership and selfless service were evident in his numerous honors, including five Bronze Star Medals, two Meritorious Service Medals, two Combat Action Ribbons, Combat Medic Badge, and numerous unit and campaign awards.  Ron’s leadership was sought worldwide for his counsel and insight into high-performing team development and strategic issues relevant to both the battlefield and boardroom. His passion is to serve, with the end state being purpose and connection.

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