April 27, 2021

#032: The Command Suite – Leadership Conversations

It might seem intricate to adapt to a new environment, with a new set of rules that require different methods of thinking and skills, and most times, it is.
The Command Suite is a team of experienced military leaders and extremely successful leaders in the business world. They sought out ways to flourish their past skills through a Talent Mindset and started using these in their new roles to find out that success comes from within.

Do not miss this opportunity to discover how to translate YOUR lessons learned in your current role by receiving valuable insight from this group of high-performance individuals.

Join us in this session of The Command Suite with VP of Operations for Helicopter Association International, Michael Hertzendorf; Director of Leadership and Development, Ron Culpepper; Director of Training and Leadership Development for West Shore Home, Joshua Johnson; and SVP for Operations at CRC, Craig Kozeniesky.

About the author

Ronald Culpepper
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Ronald Culpepper is the Director of Leadership and Development for a well-servicing company within the oil and gas industry. He is a retired Navy SEAL Master Chief with thirty years of experience in Special Operations. His leadership and selfless service were evident in his numerous honors, including five Bronze Star Medals, two Meritorious Service Medals, two Combat Action Ribbons, Combat Medic Badge, and numerous unit and campaign awards.  Ron’s leadership was sought worldwide for his counsel and insight into high-performing team development and strategic issues relevant to both the battlefield and boardroom. His passion is to serve, with the end state being purpose and connection.

Craig Kozeniesky
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Craig served in the US Marine Corps from 1988 to 2016, retiring as a Colonel and as Deputy Commander of MARSOC. Over the course of his career, he served in infantry, reconnaissance, and joint special operations units and is a veteran of Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He served as a foreign exchange officer with both the British Royal Marine Commandos at 45 Commando Group in Scotland and the Norwegian Army. He is a graduate of numerous professional schools and an alumnus of the New Mexico Military Institute and the University of New Mexico. He currently works for a small business in the DFW area.

Joshua Johnson
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Joshua Johnson is a 32 year veteran of the U.S. Army, 20 of which as a Special Forces Soldier. Josh started his career as a Military Policeman and Paratrooper prior to earning his Green Beret. During his tenure in Special Forces, he served as a Medical Sergeant, Team Sergeant, Exchange Officer with the Australian Special Air Services Regiment, First Sergeant, and Sergeant Major. Josh has conducted combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Philippines and has operational experience throughout Asia, Europe, and Central America. Capitalizing on his training experience, Josh now serves as the Director of Training and Leadership Development for West Shore Home.

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