April 07, 2021

#030: How to Combat Employee Disengagement

Disengaged employees can cost an organization approximately 34% or $3,400 for every $10,000 of their salary due to tardiness, missed workdays, or low productivity. How can you combat employee disengagement, increase your profits, and create a stronger organization?

Join Army Ranger School Graduate, Lisa Jaster, and Executive Director of The Forge School, Joe Barnard for this discussion.

About the author

Lisa Jaster
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Lisa Jaster graduated from the West Point Academy with a BS in Civil Engineering and was commissioned as an active duty engineer officer. During 2003, Lisa deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a company executive officer, later serving as the battalion operations construction officer. She attended the Army Engineer Officer Advanced Course at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, and earned her MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 2004. After leaving the Active Army, Lisa was employed by Shell Oil Company for 12 years. From April to October 2015, she took a six-month leave of absence and attended Army Ranger School, being one of three females that graduated from the first integrated Ranger School course. Lisa is married to a fellow reserve officer and has two children. She lives an active lifestyle competing in anything from ultra trail runs to CrossFit competitions. She loves martial arts training, specifically Jiu-Jitsu, and is always looking for the next challenge to tackle.

Joe Barnard
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Joe had a 33 year Air Force career serving as both an enlisted Pararescueman and Combat Rescue Officer, commanding three times before retiring in 2016 as a Lt Col. Taking a year off to decompress by skydiving and going on a few surf trips to Costa Rica, Joe and his wife Meghan also traveled Southeast Asia for 6 months hanging out in pool villas, eating local food and doing yoga. Later, Joe was COO of a wireless construction company for 18 months. Underwhelmed and searching for more of a sense of service, he landed a role as Exec Dir of a Residential Treatment Center for teen boys in Benton, TN.

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