Talent Acquisition Saved This Company $12M Over 3 Years

By redefining the firm’s TA systems and processes, our consultants reduced critical attrition and attracted industry-leading talent


A human-centric Cyber Security firm was experiencing an alarming talent acquisition crisis. The average attrition rate was at 33%, and “time-to-hire” across all segments was exceeding 85 days, resulting in key roles being left unfulfilled and slowing product development and sales. They were spending almost $3.2M in outside agency fees with 150+ contractors and had no clear organizational standard processes and alignment across their talent function.

Without a plan to address any of the alarming and growing talent issues, the organization was on the verge of crumbling apart at its core- its people.


Through organizational redesign and realignment of resources, our consultants aligned business functions vs ad hoc and re-directed external spending to organizational and people improvements.

By creating a talent acquisition leadership team, we partnered with the organization to create a structured process improvement/change management plan to standardize and synchronize HR system processes.


After our partnership, the organization’s $12M external spend reduced to less than $250K over a 3-year period, experienced executive hiring savings of nearly $3M, and their hiring velocity increased by 65%.

The “time-to-fill” critical vacant roles was reduced to a “best-in-class” level of fewer than 41 days, setting up teams across the organization for success. Client satisfaction and partnership increased by 80%, and HR voluntary attrition reduced by 85%. The drastic shift from all of the results above resulted in a reduction in company-wide attrition by 27%.


Through a partnership with the client’s HR leadership, a 1-year transformational plan was put in place and redesigned how the business units thought of assessing and acquiring new talent. This new partnership created a “talent mindset,” a bedrock of understanding that true talent powers business success.

By re-designing how TA teams supported business functions, standardizing and streamlining processes, and reallocating external spending to internal people and process improvements, the business was better able to address the speed of product development and reduce critical attrition while adding industry-leading talent to all areas of the business.

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