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Bridging the Talent Gap Between
Where You Are & Where You Want to Be

The Need for Growth

Attracting and retaining top talent is pivotal to the future of any company, young or established. The pandemic changed everything- it brought us the Great Resignation and a war for talent unseen before in the business world. With tight competition, you need any advantage you can leverage.

Now more than ever, your Human Resources and Talent Acquisition teams are critical to not only the growth, but to the existence of your business. Like any critical component, they need to be fortified and supported. Talent War Group brings a unique and unrivaled roster of bespoke services to take your business to the next level.

We Are the Advantage

Recruitment Process Optimization

By conducting a thorough review of your recruiting organization, systems and processes, we can help you drive faster, better and more cost efficient hirings. We assess whether you are attracting and hiring the best talent, at the appropriate speed and cost, evaluating systems processes and recruitment channels. We create Talent Acquisition Consultants, or “Students of the Business” – recruitment professionals who are acutely attuned to any Executive Leadership Team’s pressing talent needs helping them deliver “talent solutions to business problems.”

HR Transformation

Most HR organizations are built on the ‘transactional and shared services’ concept– not aligned or constructed to be partners with the business, nor measured and delivering on the right things. We help you design, align and construct strategic HR organizations that are true partners with the business, driving and measuring your most critical and strategic talent issues– from leadership development to HRIS teams. HR is the table, and making sure that the table is structured and balanced, aligned, and optimized to drive organizational results is what we do, and do well.

Workforce Planning & Assessment

Do you have the right people in the right seats to solve problems and seize opportunities on behalf of the organization? We can help you assess and develop solutions to your talent gaps, eliminate single points of failure, identify the depth and effectiveness of your teams, and help establish the right labor model for leaders throughout your organization—optimizing the cost of labor, spans of control, and eliminating workflow disruptions in your organization design.

Employee Engagement & Retention Report

— Achievers.com

52% of employees plan on looking for a new job in 2021. We can provide you with the tools to prevent or recover from attrition.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Majestic Kitchen and Bath

Talent War Group has helped us tremendously over the past 18 months to acquire, retain and develop top talent to grow our organization. The Talent War Group team is the best in the business, it was a pleasure partnering with them!

Steven Westbrook, Jet It

From translating the skills and talents from the military to preparing and acing interviews, TWG is unmatched anywhere else in the executive search and talent advisory space. There are so many “veteran” search firms that are just trying to put people in jobs to get a check, and that could not be further from what Talent War Group is doing.

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