Welcome to the ACDP


What does this program cover?
  • Module 1 – Mission: Defining Success
  • Module 2 – Recon: Know Thyself
  • Module 3 – Resume: Communicate your Value
  • Module 4 – Interview: Foundational Questions
  • Module 5 – Interview: Behavioral Questions
  • Module 6 – Battlefield Assessment: Network + Industry
  • Module 7 – Landmines: Common Challenges & Mistakes
  • Module 8 – Getting Hired: Follow-up & Negotiation
  • Module 9 – Next Steps: Your Journey Isn’t Over
What should I expect?

Each week we on Monday we will nudge you via email or via email and SMS to view a quick video covering a concept. Then we ask you to put the concept into action. We will check in later in the week to provide other useful resources.

How much time does it take?

This is a 9-week learning pathway, and some weeks will be difficult, but the videos are all under 5 minutes and the application work is critical to your successful career transition. Each week also has extra resources that you can optionally review to learn more.

How are you going to contact me?

That is up to you. We will contact you via email, and you can change your contact preferences any time by emailing info@efoverwatch.com. Please note that SMS messages are sent weekday mornings between 8 and 11 AM, or immediately following an action you take.

Can I copy, duplicate, use this content for X reason?

No, not without written permission. This content is the sole property of EF Overwatch and it is protected under the copyright law of the United States of America and other countries. All rights to this material are reserved. Reproduction, distribution, or use of these materials without written authorization from EF Overwatch LLC is strictly prohibited.

For all other questions please contact info@efoverwatch.com

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