Resume: Communicate your Value

Module: 3

Being able to articulate what makes you great is crucial. Now we are going to discuss how to create, not just a resume, but an executive portfolio that will effectively communicate your value to any hiring manager.

Watch the video to learn from US Army Veteran and Executive Talent Acquisition Expert – George Randle – as he shares the various components of your executive portfolio.

Key Take-aways

  • An executive portfolio is not only going to include your resume, but also a developed LinkedIn profile, references, certifications, as well as a cover letter
  • Updating and refining your resume should be a high priority, since this document commonly stands alone as it’s passed along and forwarded
  • There are two main types of resumes, chronological and functional. A functional resume represents your accomplishments and competencies in the most professional and readily manner, but having both is best

With the exercise below, build out your first draft of a professional resume using the templates provided.

Additional Resources:

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