Recon: Know Thyself

Module: 2

Now that you have outlined your “Commander’s Intent,” you now need to articulate your value. If you can’t differentiate yourself from other job seekers, then you will be lost in the screening and interviewing process. What makes you great?

Watch the video below of talent acquisition experts, Karli Waldon and George Randle, as they discuss one of the most critical steps of your journey.

Key Take-aways

  • Not knowing what characteristics have driven and enabled your success makes selling yourself, or answering questions, very difficult if not impossible
  • Your military experience makes you highly capable of performing in the private-sector, IF you can articulate why
  • At the heart of every interview you will ever do, knowing yourself and what makes you great, what separates you from the pack, is the foundation you need to win

Click below to complete an outline of your SUBJECTIVE and OBJECTIVE traits, remembering that SUBJECTIVE assets are personal descriptors, while OBJECTIVE assets are points of fact.

Additional Resources:

“How well do you represent yourself?” Self Awareness, Self Assessment, and Self Improvement – Jocko Willink [Video]

We highly recommend PCS To Corporate America, by Roger Cameron, as one of the most valuable resources for any military officer thinking about or preparing to make the transition to the private sector.

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