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Out of the Classroom and Into the Field

The challenges that today’s organizations face are rapidly growing in complexity. Success requires capable, prepared leaders at all levels of an organization to drive adaptability and performance among their team. Are your leaders prepared?

While you cannot rush experience, intentionally seeking educational experiences accelerates growth and increases preparation. Legacies of Leadership is that educational experience – new experiential opportunities to train and develop your team for the complex leadership challenges of today. Explore Battlefields of the past, look through the leadership lens of history, and analyze the decision-making processes that led teams to victory.

Let’s plan your team’s next development adventure

Our Process

Initial Assessment

This phase is the initial inquiry into your leadership team dynamics.  Our instructors will analyze your organization’s current leadership culture and development programs to identify any current gaps and areas of opportunity. We will create a tailored program aligned with your team’s size, goals, and timeline.

Battlefield Review Day

Our leadership coaches will lead you through a tour of the battlefield – leading team exercises and discussions. Your team will learn strategic, tactical, and operational decisions made by leaders on both sides of this historic conflict.  These decisions, made under intense conditions of uncertainty, are applicable to modern organizational structures to help participants understand the dynamics of cohesion, team building, operations, and logistics.

After Action Review

At the conclusion of our Legacies of Leadership experience, our team will introduce a wide variety of successful approaches to leadership and management as demonstrated by legacy leaders to be applied to your specific business challenges and objectives.

Participants will be able to

  • Explore a wide variety of successful approaches to team management as demonstrated by military leaders
  • Discuss the role of motivation, team building, and teamwork in leadership
  • Discuss priority setting and identify key steps in the decision-making process in an uncertain and rapidly changing environment
  • Apply problem-solving, decision-making, and communication techniques to dynamic business challenges
  • Demonstrate improved commitment in clearly communicating organizational strategic and operational objectives
  • Identify management and leadership challenges in undertaking organizational change
  • Reflect on personal leadership strengths to set future goals and objectives for further development

After participating in a staff ride to Gettysburg,
a former Senior Vice President for Human Resources for New Holland, said,

“I think learning happens best when it is not in your context. When it’s in your context, you have too many preconceived ideas and barriers; when it’s out of your context you see it for what it is. It’s a great experience.”

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