Interview: Behavioral Questions

Module: 5

In this module, you will learn how to be prepared for behavior-based interview questions. The format of the interview is just like any other, but these questions will be designed to draw out how you behaved in past situations. You won’t be able to predict which questions an employer will bring up, so watch the video below to better prepare yourself.

Watch the video below to learn from US Army Veteran and Executive Talent Acquisition Expert – George Randle – as he shares how to answer interview questions that are designed to draw out your behaviors.

Key Take-aways

  • These questions will give you a chance to highlight your subjective traits that you developed in the second module: Know Thyself
  • Behavioral interviewing is a way to predict your future performance by looking at your past behaviors
  • You may hear these questions come across as examples of your past success or as a hypothetical, but the goal is to exemplify the most relatable skills ideal for the position
  • Answering these types of questions require you take a pause, think through your response, and ask any clarifying questions before you answer
Your goal this week is to go through the provided behavioral interview question examples and be familiar with some that you may come across. Be sure to write out your answers for maximum effectiveness.

Additional Resources

Learn about BLUF – Bottom Line Up Front, and be straightforward in your communication.

Explore more behavioral questions from LinkedIn [PDF]


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