Getting Hired: Follow-up & Negotiations

Module: 8

Now that you have a better understanding of the interview process and tactics to avoid common challenges, you will have to follow up with interviews to get hired. Negotiating power doesn’t come until you have an offer in hand. So, what happens after the interview?

Watch the video below of talent acquisition expert Karli Waldon as she discusses one of the final steps of a job interview process and how to navigate through a negotiation

Key Take-aways

  • It’s important that you follow through with your “first impression” until you follow-up and express appreciation to all those involved in the interview
  • If the offer you receive is aligned with how you defined success (Mission: Defining Success) and what meets or exceeds, your compensation expectations then a negotiation may not be necessary
  • When it comes to negotiating an offer, the only important factor is the value you will bring to that role, not your personal expenses or needs – Make them understand what your unique ROI will be

This week, revisit your Success Statement and make sure you have developed your three price points for the ideal compensation. Not knowing this will make recognizing a fair offer extremely difficult once it comes your way. And download the resource below to understand the components of a job offer.

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