Scaling a Manufacturing Firm to $1B Through a CHRO Search

Our consultants rapidly scaled a manufacturing firm with a line-of-sight to $1B within 36 months


A complex manufacturing firm was experiencing a dramatic 300% year-over-year growth and had a line-of-sight of $1B in revenue within the next 3 years. In conjunction with this revenue and demand for product growth, the need to expand, add employees, and develop their leadership was urgent and key to their continued success.

However, while significant investments had been made in sales, facilities, robotics, and R&D, the foundational structure and leadership of the human capital space had not been addressed. Without the right team in place, their plan to scale could come to a halt.


Our consultants met with key leaders at the organization to clearly understand business strategic and tactical growth plans. They assessed their Senior Leadership Team, analyzing and designing a Human Resources future state. With all factors taken into consideration, our team began the search for the organization’s CHRO – creating a success profile that aligned with their vision, and goals, and would drive their growing team to success while protecting their culture.


With 160 potential candidates considered, our recruiters narrowed the candidate pool to 15 sub-finalists and conducted over 50 interviews.

When we selected our top nine potential finalists, we conducted complete leadership assessments. To ensure alignment, we matched top leadership candidates against the role and firm’s success profile, presenting five thoroughly assessed (multivariate assessment) candidates to the organization in our final round.


Through a close partnership with C-Suite leaders and firm founders, we discussed, understood, and recommended multiple courses of action beyond simply hiring a CHRO. The need for a more robust Human Capital and Leadership Development strategy was at the heart of all future success.

Still, it would only begin by getting the right leader who could identify, lead and facilitate the complete redesign, build-out of L&D, HRBPs, and Talent Acquisition departments.

A one and two-year HR transformational plan is currently being developed that will ensure that the current leaders are both growing and capable of scaling, along with the design of an EVP and talent team that can drive the hiring of the right people for this valuable brand.

of executives are not confident in their own talent pipelines.
According to a study by the New York Times, Since January 2021 job posting increased by 35% while applicants have decreased by 20%

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