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This client, like many in the hierarchical world of athletics, functioned with a top-down, leader-to-follower method – Coaches at the top telling everyone else what to do. Their desire was to have layers of leaders that would seize the initiative, take ownership of situations, and drive actions consistent with the culture of the team. Their previous season left them with a 6-6 record and they have not had much change in the program for this year. A network of well-equipped small unit leaders would dramatically improve the performance of the team; impacting not only the fan base and team for this season, but also improving recruiting.
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Deployment of a phased leadership development plan – workshops, leadership reaction challenges, and performance coaching – throughout the year designed to prepare young athletes for bigger leadership roles within the organization. Through the development of a code of conduct, preparing their athletes to take an active role in solving problems, creating buy-in with their teammates, and unleashing initiative at the lowest level possible, TWG was able to create an active leader network throughout the team.

The most common leadership development practice among athletic programs is bringing in various speakers throughout the off-season or hosting one-off events. While the diversity of thought from various speakers has value, TWG recognizes that transformational change is achieved through consistency and accountability of key leadership concepts over time. Our phased approach builds trusting relationships, provides consistency across key topics, and drives cultural alignment in organizations. The result unleashes initiative through the decentralized execution of small unit leaders and equips your team to lead the future of your organization.

Collegiate athletics have a very demanding schedule. TWG customizes our solutions in a way to maximize training value while minimizing disruption to their daily schedule. Serving as trusted advisors to the Head Coach throughout the year, we built relationships with the coaching staff to understand their messaging and desired culture, hosted multiple interactive leadership development workshops across all levels of the team – coaching staff, leadership council, and team – and sustained the transformation throughout the season with performance coaching for their real-time, in-season challenges.


Within the first two weeks of the season, we witnessed their player leadership play a pivotal role in guiding the team through heavy adversity. Mainly, they were holding their teammates accountable to the standards we defined in the off-season and provided direction in a calm and relatable way that helped accomplish their mission. Perhaps most important, they took an active role in leading both down the chain to their teammates and leading up the chain to the coaching staff to help build the coaches’ situational picture and make sound decisions.


Through the first five games of the season, this team is now 4-1. Their core leaders on defense rank in the top 10 across key statistics nationally, their young quarterback is leading the nation in touchdowns, and he is leading one of the nation’s highest-performing offenses in the country. Additionally, he has tied or broken multiple records through the first five games of the season. While their numbers on the field have been impressive, the leadership of their teammates in preparation for each week has been the single greatest differentiator between his season and last.

Player Testimonial


“Working with Talent War Group is the most important thing I’ve done to make me a better man, leader, and teammate. The personalized coaching prepared me to lead this team every day.”

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