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Using The Enneagram Personality Test To Help Elite Performers Find Joy And Purpose In Achieving Their Goals With Drew Newkirk

TJP 4 | Joy And Purpose

Common among elite performers is their ability to remain proactive and out front. Rather than being on the defense, they push forward, never letting others bring them down. The characteristics that set high-performers apart fascinate Drew Newkirk, a New York City psychotherapist who uses the Enneagram Theory of personality assessment to help people unlock the secret to achieving their goals. Before becoming a therapist, Drew had his share of struggles to overcome. In this episode, he joins Fran Racioppi to share his transition from client to the therapist and how he helps clients find joy, happiness, freedom, and fulfillment through a quest to understand life’s purpose. An avid music lover, Drew uses music as a language to connect with his clients, as well as to inspire himself and others. He shares his new docuseries called “The Songs That Saved Your Life” where he explores music as inspiration to those who find solace in specific songs.


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What characteristics do high-functioning and elite performers have in common? What gives them the potential to achieve greatness when properly harnessed? These questions fascinate Drew Newkirk, a New York City psychotherapist who focuses on the Enneagram Theory of personality assessment; which helps reveal a person’s personality strengths and weaknesses based on their emotions.  Drew helps people discover where the so-called “wheats and weeds” of life are planted, and how to tend to them in the most reasonable way possible.

Personally taking the Enneagram Personality Test, Drew fits into the category of an individualist who always pursues learning. As a therapist he overcame his own inner challenges, finding purpose in helping others understand things about themselves they did not know. As a child, he was bullied and taken advantage of. These struggles pushed him down a long journey of self-discovery always striving for the best no matter what challenges or obstacles that lie ahead.

Drew has an interesting relationship with music. For him, the art helped him discover his fighting spirit in life, always striving for the best no matter what challenges or obstacle that lies ahead. Ever since his childhood, he experienced being taken advantage of and bullied. This struggle pushed him into a long journey of self-discovery that transformed him into a professional therapist.

TJP 4 | Enneagram Personality Test

Drew’s love for music provided the vision for his docuseries The Songs That Saved Your Life. Despite early success and support, to include a major record label and Darrell McDaniels of RunDMC, the pandemic shuttered all funding for the project. Drew is now on a mission to relaunch the series and achieve his goal of telling stories of salvation through music.

Today, Drew is also on a mission to integrate music into the Enneagram Theory, helping people embrace their strong and weak traits to find balance. His YouTube channel is now live, not only providing insight into the Enneagram but also serving as a teaser for his docuseries.

Shaped by the many experiences of his life, Drew knows he will consistently deliver on a macro level, providing impact and helping people to become better versions of themselves one step at a time.

About Drew Newkirk

TJP 4 | Joy And PurposeDrew Newkirk is a psychologist by trade where he consults with high functioning and elite performers on the behavioral attributes needed to achieve their goals. Drew uses the Enneagram Theory of personality traits to classify behavioral patterns defining core characteristics according to one of nine types.

As an avid music lover, Drew uses music as a language to connect with his clients, as well as to inspire himself and others.

Drew has spent the last seven years developing the concept and producing a docuseries in partnership with recording artist Run-DMC called “Songs That Saved My Life.” The series explores music as inspiration to those who have suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts finding a solace in specific songs.

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