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Who We Are

A leader’s source for building elite teams and managing the most important asset on your balance sheet – human capital

Our team consists of some of the most highly experienced and proven Special Operations Forces (SOF) leaders, Combat Aviators, Military Leaders, and Business Executives who understand the strategic importance of talent and human capital management.

This group has assessed, selected, trained, developed, and led elite, winning teams both in the military and in business, ranging from six-man teams to thousand-man organizations.

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Our Tribe


Mike Sarraille

Lisa Jaster

Jim Brown III

Rich Diviney

Dean Stott

Brian Decker

George Randle

Karli Waldon

Tom Lokar

Fran Racioppi

Michael Hertzendorf

Dr. Chris Frueh

Ronald Culpepper

Joseph Kopser

Glenn Cowan

Dan Luna

Craig Kozeniesky

Joshua Johnson

Tom Hall

Chris Palmisano

Dr. Josh Cotton

Dr. Carroll Greene

Joe Barnard

Karen Clark

Dan Bradley

Joe McNamara

Taryn Frazelle

Shane Walsh

R. Dalton Rice

Ryan Crayne

Chris Marren

Patrick "Gunny" Sauer

Andrew Cece

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