March / 2021

The Boston Red Sox Second Baseman and Broadcaster – Jerry Remy

Everyone in Major League Baseball knows that the glory you see on the field is a very small part of the whole story. As an individual, you need to have an extreme dedication to greatness just to be able to get through the day to day. You need to imbue a commitment to excellence that often doesn’t get left on the field as you move on to the next phase of your life. This has been the theme of Jerry Remy’s life, from his years as a Boston Red Sox second baseman to a long, fruitful career as a Major League Baseball broadcaster. In this conversation with Fran Racioppi, Jerry shares the highlights of his baseball and broadcasting journey, from his rather unremarkable stint in the minor league to reaching Major League Baseball and playing for his dream team, to the transition to broadcasting. He also shares about the adversities he had to go through, from growing up poor, to a career-ending injury, to an ongoing battle with lung cancer, and more.

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Living Every Day Is Truly a Personal Battle Each One of Us Has to Win

For former baseball star Jerry Remy, there’s the additional pressure of performing at his best all the time and without fail. His baseball career started through a combination of sheer motivation and genuine support. Showing how well he could run across the field and how deeply in love he is for the game, Jerry got the attention of Kenny Myers, who became his mentor and changed his athletic career forever.

Thanks to Kenny’s nitpicking instruction, he was able to hone his skills, which eventually brought him to his dream team – the Red Sox.

For Jerry, his time at the Red Sox was the highlight of his career. Playing alongside Hall of Famers with huge media attention constantly, every game with them felt like playing the seventh game of the World Series.

Even though they lost a game after a long winning streak, it still taught him how to embrace everyday pressure and always come with his best self for the next game.

Aside from his battles on the baseball field, Jerry has fought and beat cancer four times. These struggles pulled him into depression, anxiety, and even panic attacks, creating some of the most complex challenges he has ever faced. Thanks to proper treatment, psychiatric support, and the love of the people around him, he has overcome the obstacles and returned to baseball.

Jerry’s baseball career officially ended during the 1986 spring training, after experiencing his final knee injury. Although this was tremendously saddening for him at first, it opened new doors of opportunities for him. And this was the time that paved the way to his broadcasting career, giving him a chance not only to continue to showcase his baseball knowledge but show his deep love for the sport.

Jerry also gives back to the community in his own small ways by supporting the Run To Home Base program, helping a lot of veterans throughout the years.

For Jerry, his colorful life taught him to love the game, however hard the challenges may be. If you are ready for anything that may come up, you can never go wrong with your decisions.


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