June 16, 2021

#1: Step Into The Team Room

Written by Dan Bradley

What is a Team Room?

A team room is pretty standard across the SOF community, and Air Force Special Warfare is different. Simply put, a team room is the single central meeting location for a small tactical-level team. From a visual perspective, it’s often an odd mix of an office, a locker room, and a “man cave” –and it serves all three purposes simultaneously. 

Our Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) team room was essentially the hub around which every aspect of our lives revolved in a deployed environment. If you were meeting up to go work out, you met in the team room.

If you wanted to blow off steam and play some video games, it happened in the team room. If you were mission planning, briefing, or debriefing, it happened in the team room. If you needed to maintain your equipment, change your gear loadout or adjust your equipment set-up, it happened in the team room.

You ate in the team room, worked in the team room, and sometimes even slept in the team room. If you needed to find someone, you would first look for them in the team room, and you rarely had to look elsewhere.

Most importantly, our team room was our sacred space (not safe space, don’t get it twisted) where we were comfortable having uncomfortable conversations, holding each other accountable, calling each other out when necessary, and handling complex matters internally so that we could go out and perform our mission effectively. Bottom line, it was where we cut through the B.S. and got down to what mattered.

Now, What is The Team Room?

The Team Room Blog intends to do precisely that – cut through the B.S. and get down to what matters in building, training, leading, and growing effective small teams.

Small teams – that’s the focus. Why? Because frankly, small teams are the essential piece of any organization. Whether you’re talking about a Division-level military command, a 25,000-person organization, or a 30-person small business, your mission success or failure hinges on the effectiveness of the small teams that comprise your organization. They are the foundation upon which everything else rests.

Small teams have a lot of responsibility, not a lot of time, and zero tolerance for B.S. They have extremely little room for error and are not limited to what they can accomplish by their size but rather by the person in charge.

That would be you.

Step into The Team Room for valuable insights on how to build, train, and LEAD your small teams to success.  

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After graduating from the Air Force Academy, Dan served for over five years as an officer in the elite Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) community. He served both as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and as a Task Force Advisor on a 2018 deployment in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. His expertise in selecting, developing, and leading effective small teams stems from his experiences as an Air Force Special Warfare Officer, both in training and in combat.
Dan partnered with the Talent War Group (formerly EF Overwatch) in 2019 and now works as the Director of Sales for Kahn Mechanical Contractors in Dallas, Texas. Dan holds a Master of Arts degree in Strategic Leadership from Saint Bonaventure University. He is passionate about mental health advocacy for the veteran community.

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