April 27, 2022

Aligning Top Talent with Great Organizations Amidst the Great Resignation

Written by Mike Sarraille, Karli Waldon and George Randle

To survive and thrive as an executive in the corporate world, you need leadership skills and discipline. Mike Sarraille, Founder and CEO of Talent War Group, is no stranger to this way of life. After doing ten combat deployments as a Navy SEAL, one of his passions was to inspire other veterans to be their best. Now, he can help them achieve this through his company, Talent War Group, a management consulting and executive search firm. What Sarraille does is unique. He introduces the corporate world to the talent and leadership skills military veterans bring to the table. You may ask why? The answer is rather simple. They already have a talent mindset and the world’s top leadership and team-building training to become successful executives.


What Makes Us Different?

At Talent War Group, we believe people are the most important asset on your balance sheet. Having a highly-skilled team of leaders and talented employees is crucial to your business’ daily success. Many people are capable, but it takes hard work to get there- it takes the right character.

With Sarraille’s many years of experience as a Navy SEAL and the talent pool that Talent War Group has acquired, his team knows how to determine which candidates will lead to your firm’s long-term success. Talent War Group focuses on a candidate’s leadership skills and potential for success. Each requirement or screening reflects the organization’s needs, culture, and goals.



What Is the Process?

Talent War Group aims to hire the next executive for your company to drive your mission to success. We will assess your company’s goals and help you design a process that will effectively assess a candidate’s ability to embrace your organization’s vision and grow your business. This will help us find the best talent from our talent database once the ideal candidate profile has been created.

In this process, we ensure that your definition of success for the role envisioned is precise and complete, and the team’s dynamics are clearer. Candidates who meet the criteria and apply to your needs will be highlighted and sent to your organization for review and consideration.

Our team’s goal is to certify that your new leader is integrated successfully into your organization, building on your success, and setting new goals to strengthen it, which is why we implement our one-of-a-kind overwatch process.

During our overwatch phases, we oversee your candidate for 365-days post-hire, ensuring the placement has been successful and they are assimilating to your teams, meeting your expectations, and catching any dissatisfaction from the candidate to prevent turnover.



Passion For What We Do

Sarraille manages Talent War Group with pure dedication to assisting American businesses in finding the right leaders and building winning teams, one candidate at a time. His passion for helping military veterans enter the corporate world and inspiring them to be their best is what he aims to achieve daily.


Learn more about our executive search process to get started – https://talentwargroup.com/executive-search/
Founder, Managing Partner & CEO | Website

Mike Sarraille is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer and a former enlisted Recon Marine and Scout-Sniper. A graduate of the University of Texas McCombs Business School, he is the founder and CEO of Talent War Group, a specialized executive search firm, and talent advisory that finds high-performing business leaders for senior, executive, or other critical leadership positions. He is co-author of ‘The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent’ and a columnist for Men’s Journal and Men’s Fitness under ‘The Everyday Warrior’ column. He founded and served as a board of directors for the VETTED Foundation, a cutting-edge executive-level transition program.

Mike enlisted in the Marine Corps and later became a Recon Marine and also served as a scout sniper. He was selected for a Marine officer program, but after finishing his bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M University, he sought a commission in the Navy to try out for the SEAL Teams.  He is also a recognized keynote speaker and subject matter expert in leadership development, talent acquisition, and talent management.

Managing Partner, President & COO | Website

Karli Waldon is a former US Air Force Cryptologic Language Analyst, proficient in 6 languages and has served with distinction across multiple intelligence agencies on several classified but critical missions and in several hostile areas overseas.  Following her career in the US Air Force, Karli was the Global Sales Talent Acquisition Executive Leader at Forcepoint, a human-centric cyber security firm.

She is known in the Talent Acquisition space for designing, building, and executing complex talent strategies to help business leaders plan, attract and retain top talent- helping them achieve exceptional business results. Her experience spans across multiple industries and within corporate and agency settings.

Karli is a trained expert in human behavior analysis through complex questioning and observation as well as talent acquisition selection and assessment.  She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Communications from the University of Maryland and is considered an SME in all things relating to veterans’ transition efforts.

Karli was the clear choice to take the reigns as President and COO of Talent War Group, leading and evolving the executive search function while driving best in class business processes from the start-up through maturity phases of our company’s evolution.

Managing Partner & Co-Director of Talent Advisory | Website

George Randle is an experienced talent executive, veteran, coach, mentor, and leader known for selecting, building, and reorganizing teams to reach their full business potential. George has 20+ years of Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000 global Human Resources and Talent Acquisition experience building elite teams. George began his professional life by enlisting in the US Army Reserves.  While serving in the USAR, he received his bachelor’s degree from Missouri State University and was commissioned an officer. His career assignments included Berlin, US CENTCOM, and III Corps with deployments to Africa (Somalia and Kenya), Central America, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Following his successful military career, George transitioned to the corporate world, experiencing many of the same challenges the Military and Veterans face today. These challenges along with the recognition that building elite teams are his true passion, George ultimately transitioned to the Human Resources and Talent Acquisition function. He later went on to create one of the largest and most successful Veteran Hiring Programs for a Global Fortune 50 firm. Collectively, the teams George has built have hired over 85,000 professionals, including over 2000 executives. He is also a Hogan (HPI, HDS, and MVPI) Leadership Assessment Certified coach.

George currently resides in Austin, Texas, and is the co-author of the best-selling book, “The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent” and the Host of "The Talent War" Podcast.

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