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Mission: Defining Success

Your vision of success is unique to you, but without a clear picture of what that looks like, a job hunt can be a strenuous process. Create a Commander’s Intent in this module to be on the right path.

Recon: Know Thyself

Being able to articulate your experiences and core values can make you an ideal candidate. Understand your subjective and objective traits in this module to separate yourself from the competition.

Resume: Communicate your Value

An executive portfolio consists of more than a well written resume, and this module will discuss those components so that you are not over looked by a hiring manager.

Interview: Foundational Questions

Preparation is the key to any interview. Do your due deligence researching the role and company, and learn from this module to understand what the interviewer is looking for.

Interview: Behavioral Questions

Behavioral questions focus on how you reacted in various situations and are designed to understand how you react to pressure, in order to predict how you will act in the future. Learn more about these types of questions in this module.

Battlefield Assessment: Network + Industry

Building a professional network is about meaningful relationships, not volume. It takes time to cultivate and LinkedIn is the best tool to get started.

Landmines: Common Challenges and Mistakes

A perfect interview answer doesn’t equate to landing the job, but a terrible answer can most certainly guarantee missing the opportunity. The best way to handle the common challenges of your career search is to be prepared.

Getting Hired: Follow-up and Negotiations

Negotiations don’t happen until you have an offer in hand. This module will cover how to reach that point and what to do after an interview.

Next Steps: Your Journey Isn't Over

Although this is the final module in the ACDP, your career journey is far from over. Whether you are transitioning out of military service, or making a pivot from your current private-sector role, learn how Talent War Group can continue to support.

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