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#007: Modern Manhood – Cleo Stiller

TJP 7 | Man Box

For centuries society has clung to the classic archetype of men as protectors, providers, hunters, and gatherers absent of emotion and unable to form meaningful relationships. This perception has impacted the interaction and communication not only between men and women but also between men themselves. In today’s world of rising gender equality, many men have lost the ability to understand what it means to be both a  “good man,” and a “good human.” In this episode, Cleo Stiller joins Fran Racioppi to share her thoughts on the artificially constructed “Man Box” in which too many men are caught. She explains how her work in journalism, culture, and anthropology has explored the less discussed topics of sex, relationships, money, and workplaces. Most importantly, Cleo discusses how the #MeToo Movement can help men become comfortable having uncomfortable conversations through an introspective look at their past behaviors and a willingness to do better in the future.

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Only a handful of people dare talk about the most uncomfortable topics surrounding sex, relationships, dating, and money in a public setting. But for Cleo Stiller, it is her calling to get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations. Growing up in a progressive family, Cleo was not shielded from the reality of adulthood and early on became discovered ways to have meaningful conversations about topics everyone wants to know about but is afraid to discuss.

After starting her career in financial journalism at Bloomberg, she pitched Univision on her concept for the show Sex.Right.Now, which became the highest-rated show on Univision’s Fusion network. With this platform, she pursued her passion of delivering stories without judgment, stigma, or sexual and cultural bias.

As the #MeToo movement went mainstream, Cleo answered the call of her male viewers to bring a new perspective on how men should act during these changing times. Cleo put together hundreds of interviews coupled with extensive research that gave birth to the book Modern Manhood: Conversations About the Complicated World of Being a Good Man Today. With it, she invites everyone, not only men, to evaluate and accept their actions in the past and do better in their future communications and relationships.

In this episode, Cleo addresses the grey area of gender stigmas in the workplace, at home, and in society. She teaches us how to define and become a “better human” and how a growth mindset is essential to creating inclusive and sustainable organizations. She dreams that one day, society can eliminate the “Man Box” to allow men to become more open with others, achieve a deeper connection with those around them, and ultimately attain all the makings of a modern man.

About Cleo Stiller

TJP 7 | Man BoxCleo Stiller is a Peabody Award and Emmy Award-nominated journalist, speaker, and television host on a mission to inspire positive social action around the world. Published by Simon and Schuster, Stiller’s latest project is a new book Modern Manhood: Conversations About the Complicated World of Being a Good Man Today based on years of Stiller’s reporting with men as they reconcile what it means to be “a good man” in a #MeToo era. Prior to this, Stiller spearheaded health-focused digital and social video content for Univision’s cable news network for Millennials, Fusion.

This culminated in the creation of an original docuseries about relationships, technology, and culture. It’s the network’s highest-performing original series and has received multiple award nominations, including a prestigious Peabody Award for public service.

Stiller is an Emmy nominated and Gracie-winning journalist with a background in digital video reporting — and a passion for women’s health. She’s a frequent conference speaker, most recently at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs Women’s Global Health Conference and her work has been covered by The New York Times, Self.com, Variety, Bustle, Essence, LifeHacker, and a Reddit AMA. Stiller now consults with media companies, brands, and organizations to create and execute video campaigns optimized for digital reach that educate, humor, and inspire viewers.

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