April / 2021

#005: Twice Social Founder & CEO – Emily Sandberg Gold

Your personal brand means everything in digital marketing, especially on social media. But, do you know who your audience is? From her years as a top fashion model, Emily Sandberg Gold knows that building a personal brand takes understanding first yourself, then your audience. Emily combines this balance with the need to listen before speaking, an attribute that has led her to success in both her modeling career and as the founder of her digital marketing agency, Twice Social. Emily attributes success to her never-ending drive and her ability to form meaningful relationships. She joins Fran Racioppi on the podcast to share her whole journey – from the glitz of the runway to the shadows of depression and anxiety – and how she took what she learned from modeling and entrepreneurship to help others build their brands and leverage social media to achieve growth.

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Building a personal brand is as much a collaborative effort as it is a personal one. While your personality, passion, and vision make up the core of what you have to offer, succeeding in the digital marketing space means you have to be clear about who your audience is and how you can bring value to them.

A top fashion model for seven years, Emily Sandberg Gold has been the international face of Clinique, Donna Karan, Versace, Fendi, and The Gap. Thrust into the industry from a young age and without any training or background, Emily did not know what to expect or who to trust, but she hit the road running and figured it out along the way. Her key to early success- listening and understanding what is being asked of you before inserting your own opinions.

Emily stood out by striking a balance between projecting her personality and the image of the brands she represented. She also learned that the characteristics successful models have in common are the ability to form relationships, the willingness to put in the work, and the importance of maintaining a sense of humor.

But the modeling journey wasn’t all glitter and glam for Emily. The demands and pressures of the ultra-competitive industry eventually took their toll. She succumbed to anxiety and depression almost ending her career, a fact not many people outside her innermost circles knew. Through this journey, Emily found herself, coming to realize the importance of balance in her life and her work.

Post modeling, Emily embarked on a short stint in acting then moved to Nashville to start a new chapter in life and build her own business, starting Twice Social in 2015. Emily knew that she was entering another highly competitive space, but opportunities existed to build a stronger team and provide a higher level of service to her clients. She has focused on the core fundamentals of brand building and leveraged effective social media strategies of engagement to grow online communities.

The lessons that Emily gained from these experiences would later serve her well when she transitioned into entrepreneurship. Starting Twice Social in 2015, Emily knew that she was putting herself in a highly competitive space. Nevertheless, her industry experience and the personal brand that she has built for herself all through the years put her in an advantageous position that she was quick to maximize. 

Six years since founding her own company, Emily shares her business model and the importance of answering a single question in your marketing campaigns- Are you building a personal brand just because you want to be famous, or do you sincerely want to provide a service?

Entrepreneurs, leaders, and influencers from all industries must develop and share clear, focused content to be effective.

About Emily Sandberg Gold

TJP 5 Emily Sandberg | Personal BrandEmily Sandberg Gold is the founder and CEO of Twice Social, an innovative social and brand marketing agency based in Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York. Born in Rochester, Minnesota, she first made headlines as a top fashion model, serving as the international face of Clinique, Donna Karan, Versace, Fendi, and The Gap.

Her success in building her personal brand through social marketing inspired Twice Social, which provides strategic marketing services to top clients in fashion, skincare, health care, entertainment, nonprofit, and online learning.

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